A Project

Day one: Macadamia Muesli with strawberries, apricots from the backyard tree, orange blossom honey and vanilla yoghurt

Every year I try to think of a project that will somehow mark the year in daily bites - very rarely I manage to come up with something that I can actually commit to in any kind of meaningful way so usually the great ideas get shelved around the third of January when I realise I havent been bothered turning any of them into reality and it's to late to catch up. The two times i've actually managed to follow through included my polaroid a day project which lasted four months until I realised how expensive that project was going to be and decided to travel overseas instead, and a about five years ago when I decided to re-visit the project with the help of a digital camera and start a blog showcasing a photo a day from the streets of Melbourne, which lasted until around August when I kind of lost interest in photographing the same streets I walked to work day after day. BUT this time I think I have come up with a winner... This year I will be photographing my breakfast each day for the whole year and posting them on facebook. I don't know if it's the pressure to perform in public but I seem to be eating pretty darn well four days into 2011. So far i've had Toasted Macadmia Museli with strawberries, apricots and vanilla yoghurt, Avocado with sumac and lemon juice on rye, Blueberry and Banana porridge with sheeps yoghurt and honey and Panettone french toast with maple glazed banana, raspberries and vanilla yoghurt.

Day four: Panettone french toast with maple glazed bananas, raspberries and vanilla yoghurt

I figure I'm always going to  have to eat something each morning so fingers crossed I will make it through until the 31st of December. I'm sure that as soon as I go back to work we'll be seeing a lot of takeaway bagels and coffee, which will no doubt be as boring as hell ... so you may see it switch to a flicker project on the sidebar on HML in the not so distant future! So here's to 2011 - the year of my own personal Breakfast Club. BECK

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lauren said...

having lived in the city of breakfasts, i condone your breakfast club. and i might even upscale mine to join you. a good, beautiful breakfast is a wonderful thing and i hope your year is full of 'em.

happy new year to both you crafty ladeez.