Nearly there everyone! The ladies of HML are having a lovely time of it. Trees are up, decorations are made and there is the distinct smell of gingerbread in the air. And it's so cold we may as well be having a white Christmas! I'm doing my favourite thing of the year which is give the handmade presents to friends and family.

It wouldn't be a HML Christmas without some potato printed napkin sets (the ones that Beck did for me a couple of years ago are my absolute favourites- you can revisit them here). I hope Miss K and Miss S like theirs.

A simple gift is often the best. My friend K - who is a playwright and poet really really loved his little pack of HB pencils. I carved off the tops and wrote his name - old school style - and he was really touched. 12 pencils and a cool tag from Craft Victoria. It's all good. RAMONA


handmade romance said...

eek i am so chuffed to spot one of my tags on one of your thoughtful chrissy gifts!! x


OMG - We love your work handmade romance! Lovely line work and really nice touches of colour and not overstated. Perfectly suited to my little gift. Merry Xmas!