Santa's Workshop part #1

beady eyed

One of the mistakes I consistently make when hand making my presents is leaving the most important ones until last. Often the people I love the most end up with a book and a jar of lemon curd. Which would be ok if they hadn't watch me hand paint tablecloths, embroider pillow slips, bias bind hand towels, stuff lavender bags and mosaic plant pots for all and sundry in my 12 week Christmas countdown craziness. In fact I don't even think Beck and I exchanged presents last year and my dearly beloved's gift was bought in a dept store at 4:45pm on Christmas Eve!

This year I am a little more organised and at least have some little things planned for the Christmas stockings. The Intern is now 16 (can you believe it people! - when we started writing this blog she was 11!) and is quite the fashionista. She'd broken a beaded necklace some months ago and so I rescued it, added a whole new set of beads as well as a big bead to accent the piece. Took me all of $5 and 15 minutes. 

It's long and colourful and tres chic! I love it. Not quite as much as  I love the recipient tho...

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