for the boys

One thing about making Christmas presents is that we always get a bit stuck as to what to give the men in our lives. A screen printed shopping tote or a crocheted pot holder is just not going to cut it - no matter how metrosexual they are! I picked up some plain notebooks for $4 with a plan to do some print on them, something simple and graphic that wouldn't embarrass someone if they pulled it out on the tram or at a cafe and would only take me an hour or so to do.

Of course I ended up doing quite elaborate and individual little paintings on the back instead that took me three episodes of The West Wing. The two above are for a friend who loves dogs...

The two weird alien ones are for a friend who loves graphic novels, star wars and sci fi and is an accomplished artist (so I'm a bit nervous about them!)...

The black one is for my cousin who is a completely nocturnal creature.Now to wrap and tag and move onto the next projects. The great thing about hand making gifts, no matter how small they are, you can't help but think of the recipients as your making them, and I hope that is imbued in the objects too.

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