heart craft.

As promised a bit of reporting from the fringe front line with the final day of Home is Where the Craft is last Sunday. With a title like that we had to check it out. What we didn't realise is that was actually being staged in someone's house! It was quite exciting going through the back fence to see the wee craft market.

Oh how I wished I could have bought one of these fab frocks. So beautifully made. They are available at Olive Grove print studio in Sydney Road and designer Anna Boyd-Dunlop promised me an online store by xmas!

More treasure to be found inside the open house with some mixtape mags available in the kitchen,

some super cute gouache and stitch numbers by Emily Chan in the living room

The intern fell in love with a horse series by Cate Lawrence - refashioned embroideries in a whimsical equine series.

So it may not have been Finders Keepers (more on that epicness later in the week) and it may be the sunshine had gone to our heads a little  but there was something very charming and generous about this show. We hope they repeat this open house next year. RAMONA

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polly pratt said...

Great to meet you the other weekend. I just hope i can get the polly pratt shop up and running by xmas.