my pretties

Phew. Last week was just crazytown at HML headquarters. Beck seemed to be doing the work of 10 people while for me it was all about Magnolia Square.My little stand did quite a good trade over three exhausting days, so much so I did a bit of shopping myself!

I was neighbours with the very lovely illustrator Nikki Catalano. This Sydney based gal was so sweet, so talented and so genuine and her prints were walking out the door. Two of them came home with me!

Over the back fence was the lovely Andrea from Melbourne design label Odds and Ends. We loved her knitted cactus at Finders Keepers and I was thrilled to pick one up for the Intern at Magnolia Square

I bought a little tin of monster Xmas tags from illustrator Wendy June whose work is so so good, a little melancholy and little Sendak.

And you know it wouldn't be me if I didn't go nuts at the Cupcake Wrapper Company. I bought cupcake toppers, wrappers and beautiful polka dot paper lanterns! Heaven.

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