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Ok so what can we say? Finders Keepers, the big indie fair from Sydney has made its way to Melbourne and will be taking over docklands this weekend. It's kind of like if Etsy was Australian and existed in the real world this is what it would look like. The ladies of HML have crazy lives at the moment and  may be hard pressed this weekend to make it but we urge as many of you as possible to go and support and enjoy what is essentially a craftier version of the Design Market.

Some of our faves will be there - Georgie Love, Harvest Textiles, Ink and Spindle, Maru and Lark all have stands. There is the added bonus of live music and good food on site so make a day of it.

And for those of our readers who live in Melbourne, even if you don't make it to Finders Keepers - how lucky are we to live in such an amazingly creative town? As we went through the list of who was going to be there we we mighty impressed with just how many creative people live here. Must be the weather. RAMONA x

PS: What do you think of our new header? Beck did an amazing job!

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Love it, and Finders Keepers looks a must