finders keepers

no losers or weepers

stand of the day - the storybook rabbit
Well it might be a few days late but finally here are some snaps from our visit to the terrific Finders Keepers market last weekend. Anyone who made the trip through the wastelands and down to the docks will confirm that it was well worth the trip. Great vibe, happy punters, delicious food, good stalls, friendly stallholders and a fantastic range of goodies on sale.

super hip

polka dots and musk lollies at georgie love

felted neck purses from a wilderness for you & me

super cool portable plywood speakerboxes so on the christmas list for this year

the best softies of the day by benconservito

lady punters getting busy

a garden of unearthly handknitted delights by odds and ends handmade

al fresco dining

a birdhouse after my own heart

a forrest full of felties from herbet and friends

georgie loves teddy bears picnic

more goodies from pocket carnival

all hands on decks at roman skateboards
It was just as nice to see some familiar faces with new work as it was to see new faces with familiar work. Big shout outs to the lovely ladies of Harvest Textiles anhd Sally from Georgie Love, great to see you there so busy and enjoying yourselves! Similarly it was terrific to see such a large market that managed to maintain a sense of excitement, community and such a relaxed atmosphere... maybe it was the retro furniture and folky bands playing in the faux loungeroom that managed to transform the gaping shed into something more cosy altogether...who knows? Needless to say however, we'll be back for more.


Anonymous said...

Great photos, and what a fun day. I can't wait until they put on the next one.

naughty shorts! said...

would love to see finders keepers in Perth - I wonder how we could arrange that??