candy girl

The last time I made up candy trick or treat bags I had to send my family round the block to knock on the door. I had not one single taker - it was a mite embarrassing to realise that no one in my neighbourhood had embraced Halloween except me.

I'm nothing if not tenacious so I'm having another crack. Perhaps they'll be tempted by my vintage Halloween cards?

Below are the images I've used for you to make your own trick or treat bags (just right click on them and save to your desktop). I promise to knock on your door if you do!

Pretty tempting I think. RAMONA

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Beck said...

I just went back and re-read the 2008 Halloween episode that described that particular shame
Fingers crossed that you were just too ahead of your time and that this year the street has finally caught up with you

Those trick or treat bags look so good I might even be able to get the architect to don a dodgy costume and make the trek over to knock on your door!