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The ladies of HML are quite proud of our geek credentials but I don't think we'd go so far as some of the mega geek crafters that can be found at the Geek Crafts website. Mind you now we know you can potentially crochet a cylon cap to celebrate the final season of Battlestar Galactica we may just frakking do it.

The baked goods section has some excellent Nintendo cookies, robot cupcakes and this brilliant Revenge of the Sith birthday cake.

If we were going to make something for each other I would give Beck these Dr Who Softies (maybe go nuts and do one for each Dr).

No doubt Beck would take up crochet to make this mounted Spock. Boldly go where many crafters have gone before and check it out! RAMONA


HiiRagi said...

That is one of the most genius things I have seen in ages!!! I love the cylon beanie!!!! I'm tyring so hard right now not to include every sci fi quote I know...


I know isn't it amazing? we totally geeked out on the cylon beanie. totally frakkin' cool. RAMONA