first contact

This morning round 9.30am we'll be sitting down with two of radios loveliest ladies Donna Morabito and Kulja Coulston of  The Grapevine and doing our bit to get you all to give up that six pack of martha glitter for the week and instead invest in the best darn tootin' radio in the universe. Yes that's right people it's radiothon time again, and Melbourne's own RRR is asking you all to dig deep and keep them live in your loungeroom for yet another fabulous year. Regular listeners will already be aware that this year's radiothon theme is sci-fi.

Which is completely brilliant, becuase there is no bigger crossover in the craftiverse than the one between sci-fi geeks and craft geeks, I don't know a single serious crafter who doesn't also harbour at least one sci-fi obsession. One cannot exist without the other. I would even go so far as to say without craft there is no sci-fi.

Did you just say you didn't want a jelly baby?
We (surprise surprise) both adore sci-fi, I kicked off my lifelong love affair with the genre over Dr.Who, The Tomorrow People and Blake 7 (which looking back have all completely informed my outfitting ever since) and for Ramona it was all about Star Trek and Star Wars waaaaaaaay back in the day. In honour this week will be completely devoted to geek craft, sci-fi style.
Stand back Blake 7 team and be protected by my batwing leather sleeves!! 
Prepare to knit your way through an official season fourteen Tom Baker scarf, cross stitch home sweet home in Klingon and fashion your own crochet Princess Leia wig. And as I type i'm already thinking of Battlestar Gallactica both original and new versions ...I was an Apollo fan, Ramona Starbuck (although in retrospect clearly Starbuck was the catch while Apollo was a good looking drone with great hair)

and jeeezuz we haven't even touched more recent moments like Solaris, Firefly, Pitch Black, 2001, Dune or even Alien for god's sake. Oh lord this is gonna be big.... death star big. Hang onto your space helmets people the combined forces of HML HQ geekdom my get the better of us all!

Quick go here now and 'make contact'.

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Shannon Garson said...

Princess Leia introduced me to the concept of pink eyeshadow which I still think is incredibly glamorous and beautiful. A little pink eyeshadow can make anyone look like a sci-fi princess!