sea of love

You all know what big fans we are of our friend Irene. Described, amongst many other superlatives as " artist, ceramicist and dreamer " Irene is one of the best porcelain peeps around. Her work festoons many a surface in both of our homes, as well as hml hq. And they weren't all freebies.

This latest collection of works "traverses the high-seas, shipwrecks, mythological creatures, mistaken identities, and love beyond time and space." Cats cast adrift in broken down boats, deep sea divers suffering from more than the bends, and skull covered swans swimming in seas of tears. Romantic, poetic, dark and dreamy. Like we said, completely and utterly unmissable.

This showcase at Outré will bring together mix of the best of her one-of-a-kind artworks, limited edition sculptures and a  wealth of her Iggy and Lou Lou collectibles. Here's hoping this was payweek for everybody.
I THREW A KISS IN THE OCEAN by Irene Grishin-Selzer
Outre Gallery
249 Elizabeth Street Melbourne
3 July – 18 July
Opening Night, Friday 2 July from 7pm


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