rock solid.

Brace yourself people it's going to be a long week. Its hard to pick a best show, so much good stuff to see, and so much bad weather to weather in order to see it. Although I can't play favourites seeing as Irene Grishin Selzer and Kim Brockett both have shows opening this week that will be awesome (more about them tomorrow). I have to say, this new show by Oh45, Bonasai, Nails and Twoone under their creative family moniker Wooden Foundations promises to push all my buttons, tick all my boxes, ring my bells and then some. They're Ice Cold people, and talented beyond mere mortal status. Get the picture BIG FAN HERE.

Wooden Foundations roots are firmly planted in illustration, hand drawn typography and aerosol paint. A group of friends making pictures separately and together in a collective creative teepee of their own making. Heaven. In this show they will "create an installation that explores artistic collaboration as an extension of their street-based collabs, the convergence of personal mythology into a group scenario, and anything that the working process may bring along with it."  Just like yours truly they are collectors and users of all manner discarded and unlikely stuff - regularly using recycled material in their artwork. In this show however they've taken things one step further to the left and committed to creating the installation almost entirely out of recycled/reclaimed/re-used materials. Word.
Watch the evolution of the project at http://blog.woodenfoundations.com/
July 1 - July 16
No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell lane, QV
Opening night is this thursday (July 1) from 6-9pm


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