home for a bunny

I've been thinking about making a teepee for a while now. As much as I'd like to buy this one I don't think my budget stretches to $235 USd. So I've been doing a little online research

This English one is really lovely but really 165 pounds is kind of crazy.

 I then stumbled on this amazing blog entry on the history of teepees which was very inspiring

Finally I found some simple instructions here so now I'm off to Bunnings as soon as our various illnesses have passed. This time of year is pretty tough on the families of HML, hence the sporadic posting. Hope you are all fairing a little better! RAMONA


belinda suzette said...

ramona THANK YOU
i too have been thinking about teepee's for a bit now and i too baulked at the cost (plus i was looking at the bug kid sized ones which came with a big kid sized budget).
this link is marvelous.
thanks again.


Good luck with the project Belinda. Looks pretty simple I think. Great thing about teepees is you can tuck them away. The images are so inspiring! R