Have you met Mr. Jones
well we'll be the first to admit we poo-pooed art melbourne a little last week, thinking that it was only going to be OUTRE gallery that would save the day. While we will also stand by the fact that there was really some god awful 'art' and way too many David Bromley impersonators (and possible David Bromley himself) on show we did find some right treasures. Once again Off the Wall deliverd some very exciting new arteests Ramona was quite taken with the Aly Aitken scuptures...

then we both kind of went nuts for the work of Claude Jones... he easily won Best on Ground, and given the cash we would have both dropped a cool couple of grand on works from his collection.

We were surprised and happy to see more nutty sculptures from a past postee Genevieve McLean

It was also good to see Chloe Vallance was included with more of her incredibly detailed people paintings

However we were unsure if it the quality of the art or the strength of our hunger pangs that made us fall for this ode to the kitchenaid by NZ artist Rob Tucker...

So we headed over to the Bromley cafe (see we told you he was everywhere) for coffee and a cupcake...

The fluffy pink frosting was a little OTT (somewhat like Bromley's infatuation with boobs some might say) and sent us off into a freaky sugar high...

Saving the best til last we hit Outre gallery's stand on the way out,

We were lucky enough to meet the lovely Gemma (thanks for the tix!) run into Irene of Iggy and loulou fame along with her handsome husband Peter and equally fetching baby Reuben and drool at the collection of works on show, I was particularly taken by the Rex Ray (pieces above) on display. And Gemma, if you're reading put those Yaniger bongo's on hold... I've told the boys they would make the perfect Mother's Day present!!!

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