global warming
I have to confess rather sheepishly I am not a 'find treasure by the side of the road' kinda gal. I don't get excited by hard rubbish or overflowing skips, I don't even go into op shops that often despite loving 70's pottery and old serving spoons. I never go to garage sales, flea markets, boot sales, nothing. I often enjoy the spoils of Becks trips to these things (shes an expert op shopper!) but all my shopping seems to involve food. Which is why I surprised my tribe by grabbing this globe jar from the nature strip out the front.
I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I have a friend in the fickle under 10 age bracket who I have long wanted to impress with a crafty project just for him. After a little internet research and a trip to the nursery (and toys r us) I had a magical terrarium ready for birthday delivery.

The trip to the toy store was for a Ben 10 action figure to go in my little jungle. Play to your audience that's what I always say! Now maybe I'll go look at that Salvation Army store up the road, who knows what I'll find...

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