Greetings from Hervey Bay!

As you might have guessed, the iPhone Hipstamatic craze hasn't been held back by state lines, and just like Ramona (and Miss P) i'm obsessed by making all my new photos look like faded leftovers from my collection of instamatic holiday snaps circa 1976. However considering the cultural time warp i'm experiencing at the moment this seems completely appropriate...

Despite my grand plans of daily op shop raids, Maxwell's equally grand plans of daily sun, surf and sand raids have taken first place. For now. Tomorrow however is another day, and i'm hitting the Blue Nurse, Lifeline, Salvo's and local Tin Shed op shop (yes it really is in a tin shed) with the hope of filling up the suitcase with craft books, fabrics and ceramics from around the same period. Fingers crossed it goes as well as the photo taking. BECK.


Anonymous said...

Lucky bugger.

judi said...

loving the hipstamatic...only bugger is ...I don't have an iphone