Well I may not have made it to as many op shops as I had originally intended, and I had severe luggage restrictions due to the obscene amount of guff that accompanies toddler travel I DID manage to snap up a haul that i'm pretty happy with... as you can see I went a little crazy on the ancient little golden books for Maxwell (well me).  And you could probably say the same thing for the tapestries I collected, although I won't even pretend that they are for any other purpose than my studio wall collection.

Ok the blue boy does have rather a bung eye and the little leaf one is a little run of the mill but this last one (which I think is either Brittany Spears or Nikki from The Young and the Restless) was just so freaky I couldn't say know - I have handed over into Miss Pen Pen's capable care, I think it will make a nice centrepiece for one of her tapestry pouffes no?

I also snaffled up these three old craft tomes, because why wouldnt you want a mother and daughter crochet beach set.

and I even managed to fit in a twin set of vintage 60's english stoneware and yes you read right they were a ridiculous 25 cents a piece.

this top tin tray was also too good to say no too, and another 25 cent bargain

and I managed to find Ramona something rather special...(those of you who know the story of her name change on the way to hospital will appreciate this) although i'm sure the Truck Driving Historian will drive her crazy with guitar renditions day and night from here on in.

and finally, this little beauty...

all in all not a bad couple of days work!


Anonymous said...

WOW that really is impressive. Now if you can just give us the addresses of those op shops.

kgirl said...

ohh, I had "Goodbye tonsils"! (yet strangely did not have my tonsils out as a kid?)

great haul there, ladies


me too!
it's a very weird betty crocker does surgery kind of book... although the ice cream and jelly reward always made me want to get mine out, depite the freaky nurses.
x beck

ronnie said...

ooooo 'goodbye tonsils' - I haven't seen 'good bye tonsils' since my mummy donated my copy to the local school - about 30 years ago .... hey maybe the one in the pic WAS my copy (you never know!!!!)

I know that's not my brownie guide patch you've snaffled - as I still have it in my box of treasures (along with - I must brag - an impressive haul of brownie merit badges.) I just have to figure out a subtle way to introduce them into the deco here at sams creek....

ps to complete the trip down memory lane I remember the hobbytex version of little boy blue.... stylishly 1970s

librarygirl said...

hey great haul - those tapestries are amazing.