This week we were lucky enough to hook up for a lunch date with I Make Stuff  participant and international art superstar Takashi Iwasaki. AND HE IS AWESOME!!! He told us to look out for a guy with green glasses and a pony tail, so we knew in advance we were in for a treat - he's been here on tour checking out Melboure after a month long sting back in his native Japan, and weirdly enough,as it turns out has been based in none other than our home suburb Northcote (well doesn't everyone?). For those who need reminding here's one of his amazing watercolours.

It was fantastic to meet him and talk about the local craft/art scene as well as finding out fascinating facts about his adopted home in Winnipeg... after all you know how fetishistic Ramona and I are about Canada, snow, mountains, moose -what more do we need to say! Needless to say got busy planning new adventures with our new best freind. Stay tuned!


dell said...

Oooh lucky. I want one of those embroideries. I love them.

handmadelife said...

he really is the beez kneez aint he.
beck x

handmadelife said...

and you'll have to forgive my lack of enthusiasm in photo...
sick little people = no sleep = seriously dazed expression
nothing to do with the company!