it's beginning to feel alot like Christmas...

Some of you know that Ive been laying low with the most terrible summer cold. There is something soothing about doing a repetitive crafty task when you have a fever and a hacking cough. It did give me the day to think about all the small peeps I'm lucky to have in my life this year.My two lovely neighbours, Audrey and Georgia always say hello at the gate. Kye and Alani my niece and nephew all the way over in WA. Toma my Japanese mini sumo pal. The beautiful Silas and Sunday who are as gorgeous as their parents.

Of course there is Clancy all the way over in London where it is minus 2. The excellent Maxwell already walking and talking his way through all the hml staff meetings. Last but not least there are my own lovelies Hope and Thom - the best things I ever made!

Next year two more will be added to the list as close friends embark on their own crazy adventure in 2010. I've decided that making these  is my favourite holiday tradition.Bloody Marys for breakfast on Christmas morning comes a close second.

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Beck said...

noice one baz.
and i'll be getting that bloody mary recipie from you this year.