stitch and bitch

as with most things I undertake I seem to make mountains where molehills would be perfectly adequate. So here I am sitting with the over cooked yet still half baked results of what should have been a doddle... hand stitched christmas baubles. Really I shouldn't complain, once they've got their red ticking backing, red ribbon and are filled with gingery, cinnamon christmas spice mix they'll be delicious. It's just that as usual I started stitching one circle on each and couldn't stop becuase 1. sashiko stitching is so bloody addictive, and 2. I working on the stitchwork was giving me the most excellent excuse for watching loads of bad television.

Thankfully the vegetable garden in another matter entirely... minimal work, maximum return with even better prospects for the next few months, although if anyone is looking for a few tonnes of cherry tomatoes come december let me know... I may have overplanted just a little.


Ramona said...

the garden is looking amazing. I'll always put in an order for those tomatoes! and will there be any killer zuchinni this year?

Beck said...

of course, as for the zucchini we'll do our best but we've got some stiff competition to beat!