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For those that couldn't make it last night you missed out on a really fantastic opening at Craft Victoria. The Shoe Show was  a triumph in both the skill and style of the footwear and the amazing installation. Congrats to all!

Especially  the very talented  Emma Greenwood. Whose shoes are works of art. The above boots are perfect for Beck when she's watching Yo Gabba Gabba with Max

I'm partial to these oh so pretty ones - Nanna glamour! a new category of craft perhaps?

Congrats Emma.

Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison's show was of course absolutely dreamy. I couldn't resist this Owl- he's coming home with me at the end of the show!

These two are amazing. Do not miss this show. Fly in from all corners of the earth if you have to!

Congrats to gorgeous Gracia and lovely Louise!


thought fifteen said...

delights! so charming and fun!

pen said...

so annoyed I didn't make it...
sick on couch
can't wait to see it!

gracia said...

Yep, them some mighty tired ear-to-ear crazy grins we two are a-sporting... thanks ever so for the kind mention... and for being all round loveliness itself.

g xo

Emma said...

Oh boy you guys are too much! Glad my wares make you wanna dance, that is my bestest compliment yet. What an insane opening it was, my feet have only just recovered from the 8cm heels I was wearing.....it had to be done! Viva nanna glamour!