upside down, boy you turn me...

Weirdly enough, without even speaking about it, Ramona and I both managed number one Fathers Day 'gifts' that were all about circles. Crazy no? However that most definately is where the similarities in both our gifts and partners end. While the Truckin Historian is the epitome of romantic gestures and would undoubtedly have been moved to tears by Ramona's stunningly beautiful, poetic portrait, the Hotrodding Architect hasn't got a romantic bone in his body, bless him. As with most Italian boys, the way to his heart is well and truly through his stomach, and there's been a request for a pineapple upside down cake hanging over my head for nearly six months...So what better way to celebrate his first big day as a Dad than with this freshly baked version straight out of the oven he installed himself... even better, Max, Muji and I get to share it with him. Yum. Happy Dads Day indeed!

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