through the looking glass

I had a weird experience this week that I thought I'd share with hml readers. Firstly this is is where I work - half of hml comes out of this room ( Beck my hml other half down in clarke street, is in the throws of setting up her uber studio in the new digs). It was photographed this week for a magazine. Let me tellyou this is one of the weirdest and most invasive experiences I've endured.
Firstly - it never looks this nice and inviting. Usually the table also has nappies to be folded, tea cups to be washed and crumby toast plates. Secondly I don't normally have all my work up on the wall - its the dining room after all but I think it's meant to look like some swisho studio. In the professional shots I'm sitting in there like a pork chop. Thirdly I dont use brown paper to protect the table - I use a plastic drop cloth which is damn ugly let me tell you. I dont know how many people are going to see the article ultimately but I did want to share this peek into my weird world with you dear readers of hml..
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