don't get all cut up about it...

It seems everyone is using cutting edge tech. to make art these days, especially for cutting. Rock, Paper, Lasers the latest show at Kick Gallery features not one but four artists making the most of the latest digital laser cutting technology to create paper artworks & sculptures. Troy Innocent, Jeff Janet, Trinh Vu & Joel Zika – have used styles that both mimic industrial design objects and play with japanese pop iconography - expect plenty of cubic robots amongst the snappy selection of lighting...

Apparently all of the artists in Rock, Paper, Lasers lecture in Art & Design at Monash University and as a part of their own on-going practice set themselves the task to "deride the mass production of iconography - such as that which is so often seen in ‘homewares’ or ‘lifestyle’ shops - and make a series of more unique works" in this exhibition... funny thing is, we found ourselves wanting to buy loads of the stuff they'd made for our houses. Go figure.

Rock Paper Lasers is on at Kick Gallery until August 15.

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