good housekeeping

This weeks must see is Neural Housekeeping by Sydney and london based illustrator Kate Banazi. We love her use of the contrast colour overpull and mid century scientific photographs to create space race propaganda-esque artwork. And we love that they are actually hand printed, not that we have anything against a digital print, it's just nice to see someone still getting busy with a squeegee. We like even better that she's got her show on at Lamington Drive until the 15th august... which means it's local enough that we might still make it in person instead of stalking the catalogue online.

Other reasons we like Ms Banazie besides her excellent aesthetic: scottish husband, beautiful son, gorgeous website with a big cartel shop where you can buy limited edition prints, amusing blog with witty title, and probably most important she's a self confessed lover of yorkshire pud.
neural housekeeping
89 George Street Fitzroy
(although you should know the address off by heart by now given how much we bang on about it)
open tuesday thru saturday until august 15.


Kate said...

Wow thankyou kindly, really glad you liked it!
I am still spreading the word on Yorkshire puddings, but have been accused of being a 'feeder' so have decided to consume them all myself.

handmadelife said...

nothing beats a food fetish that you alone enjoy...