night lights We know it is a bit chilly to be wandering the streets at night but it is well worth catching the Gertrude St Association's annual projection festival. If you go here you can download a fabulous map that marks the 20 different sites that are illuminating the night with short films, animations, and projections all this week.
Ramona and the Intern walked through on opening night and had a great time despite hypothermia setting in. Nothing that a good mug of hot chocolate couldn't fix. Our fave (of course) was at Cottage Industry. 'Cull' is a cool animiated collab between artiste extraoridinaire Dell Stewart and our much loved friend Penelope. What did we love more - the lace doily covered stones? The woodland bloodfest? Or perhaps it was Jethro's commentary (can you see him in the top pic, bottom right hand corner?)

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Jetsetting Joyce said...

This was my favourite exhibit too! I was really intrigued by the crochet so didn't even notice that there was any commentary!