game on!
As part of the truck driving historians recent birthday haul, The Intern introduced us to the super cool Finnish stylings of Klop! Simple really - 12 pegs, chuck a klop at them - score what you hit, first to 50 wins but if you go over 50 you go back to 25.
We aren't the most athletic family as you can see. There was much discussion as to technique and strategy. Let me tell you peeps it is much harder than it looks. We very quickly scrapped the rule that if you miss the pegs three times then you're out.

The Intern played a hard and fast game, taking risks and ending up back at 25 to claw her way back for victory. A super fun hour in the park. Highly recommended. And hey they are made here in Melbourne so when you order it comes in a nice box in a day or so! Thom was an excellent referee - declaring we were all winners simply because we could walk and talk - humans are so impressive.


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Beck said...

thom is adorable, and that klop game looks tops!!! I see a summertime barry blease vs jobson larobina tournament in the making.