birthday scarf
I got it made just in time. Just as well the truck driving historian had a night shift! It's not so easy sewing in ends at midnight but with my glamorous assistant at hand I completed this variegated stripe scarf in Jo Sharp Silk Road Ultra (the most delicious 12 ply - natural fibres people!) and still had time to ice the chocolate cake. Bill Granger called it the no fail birthday cake - how wrong he was.


pen said...

thom looks a little worried
never trust anything with 'no fail' in the title or description- you're just asking for it to come crashing around your ears!
(cute photo though!)

Beck said...

bloody BILL, never trust a man wearing a super low v-neck who is prettier than you... it will always end in tears. Thom on the other hand looks like he's a pro and sewing ends in, and of course has already perfected his own version of Blue Steel... I see great catwalk, and edgy editorial potential for this young hottie.
It's Mozza's birthday today, so in honor of our favourite gladdy thrasher i'll say "oh you handsome devil!"