Happy Mothers Day...with heino and friends

Max clearly had a secret project going this week (with a little help from Dad and Muji) and suprised me this morning with this excellent hand made Mother's Day card. I especially enjoyed the bird and ball throwing details and the fact that he managed to get all my colour coded texta's back in the right order while completing this masterpiece. He even remembered to include a gift voucher for a two hour massage here in the card. Top job Maxwell, you have set the bar high!

Things got a little fruitier here after that (as they often do), with Uncle Matt chipping in with his own present for my very first Mothers Day... a very special piece of vinyl from one of our family favourites, the fabulously coiffured, canine loving schlager poster boy 'Heino' . Heino is still providing a soundtrack for the motherland and has surprisingly maintained both his poodle-iciousness and andy warhol look alike charms... and all of his records are brilliantly bizarre so if you see one in your local oppy or trash and treasure do yourself the proverbial molly and pick it up. Trust me, you won't be dissapointed. All in all a brilliant day, I hope all you other Mums out there fared as well.


pen said...

you can tell Max's dad's an architect!
love the vulture in the tree
were yoou ok with Max using your textas without asking?
Heino is one strange dude.........

Beck said...

correct, Heino raises more questions than you could ever find answers for, yet his love for poodles somehow makes me feel close to him, despite the nationalistic warbling...
he's really quite the conundrum.