that's all folk...
Many of you will be familiar with the inspired faux food of Melbourne jeweller Lucy Folk. Some of you might have even attended her last solo show at Pieces of Eight Gallery Nibbles, in which she transformed diet killers from hot-dogs to burger rings into guilt-free edible mementos for those wanting the ultimate in lean cuisine. More recently she has turned her attention to a meal time favourite and subject of Ramona's favourite New York Times cartoon)...Pasta! Following in the footsteps of her father Folk has usied traditional shaping techniques in wax rather than dough to fashion the pasta, then cast them in silver and 18ct gold, the results... delicious. We think the Fafalle rings are tops, but given his heritage, it's impossible to go past the rigatoni cufflinks as the ultimate accessory for the in-house architect. Pasta is on show at Pieces of Eight until the 23rd of May. Get it while it's hot.

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