cinnamon girl

Had a bad week? Need some cheering up? Only have fifteen minutes to treat yourself to something delicious before the screaming starts again? We hear you! Sometimes the only thing you get to make all week is breakfast, so here's a quick and easy recipe that will start your weekend off the right way.

Cinnamon French Toast:

2 eggs, teaspoon dutch cinnamon, teaspoon brown sugar, three tablespoons milk (approx) a 50 cent piece sized blob of butter, 2 slices of a top drawer bread of your choice (we used a wholegrain sourdough) 1/2 cup good plain yogurt, 1 banana and some cold pressed honey.

In a flat bowl large enough to accommodate a slice of bread, beat two eggs with a dash of milk, dutch cinnamon and a little brown sugar. Soak two large slices of your favourite bread in milk mixture (both sides) and place them into hot shallow fry-pan with a sizzling blob of butter to make it golden brown. While bread is cooking (2 minutes each side tops) slice the banana in thin diagonal pieces. Plate up french toast with banana slices and as much honey drizzled on top as you deem necessary. Sprinkle a little more cinnamon on top and add your yogurt on the side... Voila! Breakfast is served.

Best accompanied by a strong cup of Joe, morning paper and an old Neil Young record.


Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies, I just tried this out and it was delicious.

Judi said...

It may be 6.55pm when I read this but who cares what I eat for dinner escept me? Yummo!

Judi said...

lest you think I can't spell words that I actually can spell
that should be 'except'

Beck said...

Judi I'm with you, breakfast continues to be my favourite meal of the day, and I don't care how many breakfasts I eat in one day, or what time they get eaten!!!
midnight pancakes can't be wrong can they?