band of gold
The ladies of HML think that David Band is supercool and always look forward to his shows. great swathes of colour, simple shapes, clean lines and a sense of playfullness inspire us and make us wish that we had cheque books we could pull out at Australian Galleries and say "we'll take them all!"

We think they are particulary inspiring for textile designers -swathes of colour that sing and surprise but aren't overcooked design wise - like a good amish quilt crossed with a Morandi still life. Beautiful!

Australian Galleries

35 Derby St Collingwood

Show runs til March 22


Judi said...

Love his work.. occasionally his screenprints come up at Leonard Joels quite a deal cheaper than Aust Gallery prices..
(did I say that?)

Beck said...

oh yes you did and we are mighty glad for the hot tip!!!
not that we'll reveal you as our source of course.

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