frock on
Ah yes it's that time of year again - Fashion Festival Fever has taken hold...well not really. To be honest with you this is one festival that can weirdly enough just slide by without really igniting much passion for us. The ladies of HML have discovered far more interesting things in the satelite shows than the runway (we have fashion TV so can see strange bug eyed stick insects wearing asymetrical skirts at any time of day). There are some top things on this year and we'll let you know through the week what we think the highlights are (and hopefully actually visit some of them ourselves!)

Will we be brave enough to take the two youngsters to 'Shaping Elegance' at Como House? We are all for celebrating the life and style of Robert Fritzlaff - 60's couturier and bon vivant - but we're not sure if we can manage it with nappy bags and spit cloths on our shoulders - not so chic!

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