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Two of Australia's best and busiest multi disciplinarian arteests have come up with yet another brilliantly crafted collaboration that continues their four year odyssey into the nexus of craft and art. Melbourne's Ghost Patrol provides the illustrations while Hobart based Cat Rabbit works her magic making three dimensional companion pieces - both artists finding inspiration in the secret night life of softies. The works range in scale from wall mural to miniature, all meticulously rendered whether in pencil or cloth - and you know how much we love our craft 'well done'. While we are continually bowled over by Ghost Patrols work (on pages and paste ups all over town) this time it was Cat Rabbit's sculptures that blew us away, brilliant extensions of Ghost Patrol's illustrated works that simultaneously managed to maintain her own signature style and show just enough sinister underbelly to stop on the right side of kawaii... What a welcome change in an increasingly saccharine softies scene!

Definitely one to stay up for - we can't wait for their next adventure.
While You Sleep until March 8
Gorker Gallery
395 Gore Street Fitzroy.


Anonymous said...

very kind

handmadelife said...

why gp it's our absolute pleasure!

Judi said...

bugger I missed it.