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A quick word before we get into the pretty stuff. Just letting you all know that the Richmond Vetrinary Clinic in Church Street Melbourne is the drop off point for anyone wanting to donate goods or money for the animals injured in the bushfires, they need just about everything from bandages to chook feed, so if you have some spare kitty litter, cans of dog food or a spare collar and lead get on down and donate.

Just in time for Valentines day Pablo Fanque presents Anna Davern's new project Rocks. In another great pop twist on contemporary aesthetics by one of hml (and Australia's) favourite jewellers, Anna has printed pictures to steel using a sublimation method and says of the works “I’ve used the technique to create oversized fake versions of traditional styles of jewellery. It’s kind of an homage to one of the initial tenets of Contemporary jewellery which was to react against the use of precious materials. These works are also an alternative to the real thing at a time when the real thing may no longer be affordable.” We love a big rock, especially when it's plastic, although we've also been known to sport ridiculously bad, oversized cubic zirconias as well, but printed steel, who'd have thunk it. Clever lady that one.

Who said diamonds are a girls best friend.

Rocks by Anna Davern
3 - 14 February 2009 @ Pablo Fanque 1 Oxford Street, Paddington Sydney.

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the heads up on animal donations, we've been wondering if there was anywhere local to drop things off. cheers.
sandy :)