Road Trip Redux

tree change

So we headed for the hills and the Yarra Valley wine scene on Sunday. While the farmers market was more like a staging of middle-aged tree changers showcasing the overpackaged bounty from their new careers, there were some delicious bits and pieces aquired for both home and picnic. Ramona was dead chuffed with her pistachio and pork terrine, while Beck went ga-ga for the beetroot and orange relish. We'd been told there was no-where to picnic at Yerring Station, but don't be fooled people there's a whole shaded mop-top tree section that was actually COLD despite the blistering heat! Still there were oceans of milling daytrippers and no trees and we couldn't be bothered waiting for a tree like waiting for a table at Palomino during lunch hour SO... we headed for the local Yarra Glen municipal reserve, pulled up a galah filled tree and had a most excellent day of feasting.

Pene again outdid herself providing us with delectable deserts while we managed a veritable charcouterie of cold cuts and stinky cheese. And of course, amongst the artichoke salad, sourdough and ciabatta breads, pastrami, salami, bries and gouda, Queen Victoria slice (with meringue topping) chocolate ganache, raspberries, peaches, watermelon, nectarines (see we were being healthy) and Phillipa's oat and pear slice, there were many lashings of ginger beer. The day however really belonged to the boys.

Thom wolfed his way through the picnic fare, finally exclaiming " oh god if I eat another piece of brie i'm going to explode..."

While Max, ever the attention seeker tried to outfly the parrot poop while exclaiming " look at me look at me look at me".

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pen said...

(victoria slice)
I had to have a nap when I get home
picnicking just takes it out of one