Christmas Gift of the Day

what's up pussycat?
many moons ago Beck gave Ramona this fantastic book by quilting doyenne Denyse Schmidt. Now Ramona (who continues to write these entries in the third person - v annoying for all of you ) aint much of a seamstress and so is yet to tackle one of the quilt projects from this luscious book
however the simple pattern for a The Three Faces of Steve was very appealing when choosing a present for her niece Alani. It was exciting to finally learn how all you toymakers make arms and legs magically fit inside the body - the arms on this one are a little wonky and the embroidery leaves a bit to be desired...
but ultimately steve- or in this case a Cat Called Denyse - turned out pretty sweet in the end!


pen said...

love her!
she kinda looks like happy roadkill!

shula said...

Actually, I enjoy the third person thing. I like working out who it is that's writing.

And I challenge Miss P to develop a roadkill range.