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We know how insanely busy it is at the moment, and we know we've already foisted a market on you as a MUST SEE but we just couldn't let this one pass you by. We love a collaboration, and a kick-ass creative partnership even more so, as you can imagine we were very pleased to hear that one of our favourite duo's (and fellow bloggers) are currently in town showcasing some of their work at one of our favourite shop/gallerys in Melbourne: Outré.

Lab Partners are a San Franciscan based design/ illustration duo made up of Sarah Labieniec and Ryan Meis having originally met in art school they decided to fly the coop and head for the west coast (sigh) to set up shop. Inspired by nature, quirky narratives and their animal companions (just like us) they work together as a means of sharing and exploring their common loves.

They say of their latest show..."Hunt & Gather is a series of works drawn from a mishmash of experiences at flea markets. To us, the flea is a festive event, one filled with both delightful curiosities and people. There is something tantalizing about arriving at a market with the hope that you might uncover some hidden gem amongst the endless rows of objects from the past. It is this fascination of a time far gone and the thrill of the hunt that draws us (and undoubtedly others) to continually return." Well we could hardly argue with that!

Hunt & Gather will be on show at Outré's Melbourne City store in Elizabeth street all through November - one of their prints would make a knockout Christmas presents (hint hint Mr. Architect) so get in early!

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