I made it myself

double trouble
Now that Beck is out the other side of the first 8 weeks finally she's been able to get some crafting done! YAY! First up was an overdue gift for Max's twin cousins first birthday. Given their current penchant for pillage she couldn't go past a Viking themed present, so out came the sketchbook, brushes and gouache and these two fella's arrived on the page - amazing what a little inforced confinement can do for your creativity!
after scanning them into the computer and adding appropriate names to each, she grabbed two matching t-shirts...

a packet of iron on t-shirt transfer paper...

a little greaseproof paper and hot iron, and away she went.

Five minutes later Voila! the finished product - which worked out an absolute treat, in fact so perfect they look 'just like a bought one', only these two are customised and waaaaay cooler, just like the twins.


pen said...

careful! orders will start rolling in!
remember I've got 5 nephews!

Bobby said...

I can't believe this! Tonight I was thinking... just hpw do I transfer an image onto a shirt, and voila! here it is. You are GOOD girls!
And congratulations on the arrival of baby Max Bec. I passed you in the street on my way to work and saw the bump. Just think, it'll be AGES before he turns into a teenager!

Beck said...

Thanks ever so much ladies, as you can imagine getting time to make anything is a rare as hen's teeth so it's a good thing they turned out so well... and most happy to be taking orders if need be, although I don't know how reliable i'll be on the delivery date ha ha. Very glad too that the transfer tutorial went down a treat!