Craft find of the week

Kick Ass Craft
In a sub genre chock-full of vinyl and plush Mike Burnett makes amazing handcrafted wooden toys... really amazing and we love him for it.
It's pieces like this Bruce Lee "one inch punch" figurine and the ghetto fabulous number from the Pimps Hoes and Johns collection above that so endear him to us - that and the fact that he is a self described tinkerer.
He created the Do-It-Yourself wooden figure for the brilliant NeighborWOOD show (held in Portland USA 2006), in which he crafted 50 figures and sent them out to a select group of artists worldwide to custom finish. A superbly simple idea which beautifully crafted results. Beck drooled wistfully over it for moths, wishing that the bloody thing would some day be available here in Australia for everyday peeps with itchy fingers, model paints and triple zero brushes to have a crack at. However, as she is want to do, she'd forgot all about it until Ramona started up her Christmas inspired wood craftin' frenzy. And so the longing began anew, but this time she was a little more pro-active - and after a wee bit of google research discovered that Bigshot Toyworks have managed to get it up as a retail product.
Guess what she's asking Santa to fill her stocking with?

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