Christmas Gift of the Week

welcome to the dollhouse one thing about having a baby now 10 days late is that the really nerve wracking Christmas projects just cannot be ignored. This set of dolls is long overdue for a most excellent girl called Sunday...
It was quite the challenge painting a 3 dimensional object, keeping a steady hand and some level of consistency through the whole thing. Each doll (apart from the odd little green one at the end) took about two hours to paint - hours that will not be available when the baby does finally make an appearance. It was well worth it tho

I mean, who doesn't love Sundays?


pen said...

Welcome to Thomas!
How about a 'Pilgrim' set like the painting below?
Little furries all in a row!
Not there is any time now!

Georgie Love said...

They are gorgeous! :-)

Fingers crossed things start moving very soon!


shula said...

No more babushkas for you, girl.