teenage riotWe love to see young people getting out amongst it, so when we spotted this excellent piece as part of the current line up at Platform we decided to award it show of the week status. Young arteest Hayden Daniel's show is called Splatterdash, compriosed of a collection of artworks he's made by in an attempt to portray the "random, weird and wonderful" thoughts and dreams that flow through his teenage head. Working across an array of mediums including paint, pens and pencils Hayden does his thang on all kinds of found objects from timber to used metcards... all this and he's still at high school student! Splatterdash is on at Platform in the Sample cabinet - a special solo cabinet in the subway dedicated to use by young emerging artists aged 15-25 - and is available for viewing until the 31st of October so you've still got some time to check out his work on the way to your work...

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