fruit loops

To say the ladies of HML are very food oriented is the understatement of the year. and with various celebrations looming - babies, birthdays, christmas etc it's testing time. Maggie (Ramona's mum) has gone into Pavlova mode with the purchase of her new mixmaster.
We're hoping for an appearance for that other wonderful Maggies chocolate pav with creme fraiche and strawberries on the weekend. Mind you this vanilla infused golden kiwi fruit number was a stunner. Oh and what did we make with the rest of the haul from vic market on the weekend? Paella for 6, filo wrapped asparagus spears with parmesan, the first BBQ to celebrate daylight savings (lamb and mint snags from the Italian Sausage master), and possibly the greatest blood orange icecream ever...

our exercise regime starts next week (hee hee)


pen said...

can't wait

Emma said...

Bec I have a post dedicated to you, pop over for a look!