Dessert of the Week

While making strawberry puree, homemade custard and vanilla infused whipped cream Ramona pondered the differences between a trifle, a syllabub and a fool. She then wondered why chocolate mint tasted exactly like those after dinner mints so popular at her mother's dinner parties in the 70's (and in how much trouble she was when at the age of 7 all she left the dinner guests were the brown wrappers). Ramona also wondered why her dessert looked NOTHING like the beautifully styled one in Delicious magazine.
then she was a fool and ate the remaining custard, cream and strawberry puree left in the mixing bowls...


shula said...

They do look vaguely post-operative.

But it's that time of year.

And I bet they tasted FABULOUS

pen said...

I'm coming to live at your place
(I loved those brown wrappers with their heady smell of choc-mint)