Christmas Gift of the Week

the madness continues... This swanky art pouch is for the Cupcake King - last seen on a sugar high under a table (best spot for the cheeky under 5 set).
Don't look at the dodgy stitching (Ramona is not famous for her sewing skills that's for sure)
Was so excited to hear that the young chap and his lovely mum, gran and baby sister were coming for a visit the gift was finished in an afternoon that was meant for work - had a bad case of Tuesdayitis (is there such a thing?) so just did presents instead...
Perhaps Christmas should come early this year? Nah... just make him some vanilla fairy cakes instead...mmm

PS Shula, recognise the fabric? Waste not want not!

1 comment:

shula said...

I most certainly did.

AND I laughed.