Weird beards

Nothing says "Check me out, I’m jolly trendy” more than experimental facial hair. However, not everyone is endowed with the neccessary equipment to 'grow their own', so alternatives have always popular. You may have seen this in the good weekend a couple of weeks ago, but we liked it so much we had to do a little more investigating and thought some of you may have missed it - so here it is... the beard cap.

Vik Prjónsdóttir are an Icelandic collective making super cool high-concept knitted designs in a weeny village in southern iceland with an equally eccentric knitting mill... and isnt it just like those crazy icelanders to come up with range of products that would include such genius as the beard cap... all the fun of the neo-folk facial fuzz but with added removable convenience - go hairy for the weekend then head back into the office on Monday clean as a whistle. Alongside the beard cap the collection includes a brilliant knitted Sealpelt jumpsuit above that makes you look like a giant baby seal in a psychedelic beanbag which is just what we're both after at the moment.

And then there's the Regional and Sea blanket's, each resplendant in their respective oversized bold topographic and anchor patterning and the Twosome above - a sofa-sized snuggle blanket with double ended hoods especially handy for watching those northern lights that draws on the icelandic tradition of sharing beds during the coldest winter nights. Yes these are definately our kind of people.

The Beard Cap comes in grey, brown and black in two lengths - although you might have to make a special order if you want the full ZZ-Top hillbilly length number. The design was apparently inspired by a traditional farmer’s balaclava... except of course those didn’t have the moustaches attached. At the moment their gear is only available outside Iceland from one shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn... so you know it's super hip. Personally we'd like to see some seapelts out there on high street before spring really kicks in with the warmer weather, but we'd be just as happy with a couple of beard caps at High Vibes in a couple of weeks.

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Emma said...

did you see 'Amelia's Magazine'? They have a thing on how to crotchet your own beard and moustaches! Its a bit weird that this is a trend!