A Pinch and a Punch...

Those of you in the Sydney area should try and catch the new show by Sally James at Freeland Gallery in Paddington - her ceramic and fibre based work is very understated and lyrical. Of course we'll be crossing the river here in Melbourne to catch the new show by Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison at Imp Gallery

We hate the phrase dynamic duo (the ladies of HML get that a bit and it always makes us think of old school Batman and Robyn) but we admit that Haby and Jennison are the real deal. We admire them both close up and from afar!
Speaking of afar, to celebrate the first day of spring we thought we'd show you the head offices of the Longaberger basket company headquarters in Ohio. We're known for a passion of 'big things' at HML so we were really quite impressed with this ultra kitch 7 story replica of the 'famous' longaberger picnic basket. It's 16c and rain here today - not exactly picnic weather but we live in hope...


pen said...

the basket made me laugh
i want to work there!
do you think the foyer carpet is red gingham?

shula said...

And what have you got against Batman and Robin?

Beck said...

nothing really, I promise!!
although Robin was pretty lame most of the time, then again Bruce was quite a lot to live up to.