the best of the best

The ladies of HML are immeshed in the fabric of Craft Victoria so we don't often promote the shows there citing conflict of interest (board member/retail manager). But this month sees three of our favourite people of all time grace Melbourne with new and thrilling work. We can't think of makers who consistently thrill us more than Stephenn Gallagher (above ), Irene Grishin- Selzer ...

and Anna Davern...

We are a bit beside ourselves with excitement. Three shows at once opening this Thursday night at Craft Victoria. We think this will be the best month in Flinders Lane this year. This is Craft with a capital C. Be there or be square...


shula said...

Yes, but what time?!

They're launching Totem at Fed Square, which I HAVE to go to, because I'm in it.

Maybe I can come up after that, if you're all still there.

I'm a Big Fan of Anna Davern.

Big Fan.

But I'm only coming up if you guys are going to be there.

pen said...

it's gonna be HUGE!
won't know which way to look!