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Number three in the impressive library of self published works by Melbourne's And Collective is A Place Tells A Story. Both a book and CD project engage with subjective notions of place and community via visual art, text, music and artefact. Produced by And Collective members Marc Martin (illustrator/photographer/graphic designer), Justine Ellis (production assistant/photographer) and Dan Rule (writer/editor and go-getting man about town) the book will expose "Milk bars, street corners, neighborhoods, roads within the context of an increasingly globalised consciousness, reconnecting with locality and specificity... exploring these sites' histories and narrative; posing questions about their future"...

Mmm sounds HEAVY but we'll forgive the earnestness as we look forward to seeing some of our favourite corners of Melbourne up in lights while finding some new nooks and crannies to wander down. After all there's nothing like being a tourist in your own town, and this seems like an ideal new guidebook. Oh and don't forget there's a soundtrack too including Perfect Black Swan, Nadia Combe, Saddleback, Bird Traps, Chris Smith, Lee Memorial and Jon Tjhia, which is excellent news because we love nothing better than loading up the ipod with site specific sounds before heading out for said wander.

And Collective publications are notorious for showcasing the best and brightest of Melbourne's emerging art scene, and this their newest project is no exception, featuring works by Warwick Baker, Tom Civil, Oslo Davis, Kubota Fumikazu, Rachael Wenona Guy, Andy Jackson, Kyle de Kuijer, Brigid McCarthy, Meg Mundell, Mandy Ord, Liza Power, Memuzin River, Lou Smith, Salote Tawale and Eve Vincent. Get some.

A Place Tells A Story: the launch happens this Thursday, September 18 between 6pm-9pm at the Metropolis Bookshop Lvl 3, Curtain House 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

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